Contact Information

Please send inquires to the below email or mailing address.  Please include a good phone number.  If required a board member will respond either via email or phone.

           Club Information Contacts

General Hunting information please call the Gate Keeper at    775-423-3071

Green Head Club information                                                         

1.    Gib Mackedon                                  

        Club President                                          


         Phone: 775-427-5424

2.    Jamie Helton                                     

        Club Business Manager                    


         Phone: 775-428-1919

Poacherville Information Contacts

1.     Bob Stanard

        Poacherville Director


       Phone: 775-217-4873

2.    Jim Seevers

       Poacherville Director (Electrical)

       Phone: 775-750-5313

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