The Greenhead Hunting Club is a hunting area for waterfowl only with more than16,000 acres of marsh (24,000 acres overall) located in the Carson Lakes area eight miles south and two miles east of Fallon. 
Of course, those just wanting to view or photograph wildlife can find outstanding bird watching and an abundance of wildlife at the Greenhead hunting club during the spring and summer. 

Water conditions are going to be low this year (2014)  The only area with water will be the big water unit.

Gasoline powered motorboats will not be allowed on any of the areas during the 2014-2015 waterfowl season

Annual Fees

Membership Dues: $30.00 (can be mailed or paid at the gate)

Cabin / Trailer Space 
(Payments must be mailed to the address under the contact information tab, please print and include a completed poacherville tenant form with your payment)
$300.00 this includes your $30.00 annual dues.
($270.00 + $30.00 = $300.00)
Non-Members: $300.00

Carson Lake Pasture Permits (Can be purchased at the Club gate, Frontier Liquor in Fallon or Mark Fore & Strike in Reno)

Annual Adult Pasture Permits: $60.00 (any adult hunting in the area must have this in their possession)
Student Pasture Permit: $25.00 (available to students 15 to 18) (19 with a valid school ID). This must be in possession while within the area)
Daily Pasture Permit: $15.00 (not available for sale until the second Monday after the season opens.  This must be in possession while within the area)

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